Images, Attribution, and Creative Commons

This topic makes me sigh before we even start.

I always have such a difficult time keeping straight  and then explaining to my students all the little extra steps needed to search correctly and safely, use only correctly licensed images, and then correctly include the attribution.

But it is very important and I have to say that the resources and explanations given here in the Week 5 Challenge are so helpful. We all used Larry Ferlazzo’s  fantastic post on image sites, and we checked several of the different explanations Miss W. linked to in the challenge like inserting a gallery from Sue Waters.  It was great to see the kids figuring out how easy and safe and inspiring it can be to do an appropriate, attributed image post. During class Liam was a big help circulating around to help classmates after he mastered the process and finished his post. And I heard many others explaining the steps to their neighbors and friends.

I decided to try the gallery route.  It worked nicely for my own pictures: three that I took with my family last night at “our” beach.

I had trouble, though, getting the url to the flicker pictures added in a gallery format. The last one here is by Josh from Flicker’s Behold-  but in the gallery I couldn’t get the link to stay correctly.

Inserting it straight into the post (below) however did work, with this one linking correctly to the flicker site where the picture can be found.

Sigh- and smile.  Learning is good.

photo by josh


It was great to see students trying a variety of the different options given this week, all of which helped them understand and manage the important issue of attribution.  It will be fun to check out the other blogs around the world.

One thought on “Images, Attribution, and Creative Commons

  1. G’day Mrs Kelly,
    Lovely photos but I don’t know which ones are taken by you, and which were from the Flickr Behold site. The images must be linked back to the original site usually starts with farm8.static etc if from flickr.

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