Week Three Posts

It’s time for our week three posts.  You should have updated your profile to include your blog’s url (see my post below).  Now it is time to post for the week.  When you read the week 3 challenge, you’ll see that you have a couple options for your post. You can write about commenting, or something particular you are interested in.  Collin wrote a very nice post giving some thoughtful explanations of commenting and the ideas and purposes behind it.  Kerry  made a nice looking prezi about commenting that she embedded in her blog.   Nick, on the other hand, wrote about his interest in football, giving us a good example of this weeks’ option to write about an interest we have.  He also adds the nice touch of a question at the end to encourage comments. Remember that including an image or specific examples (even screen shots!) can help engage your readers.  Don’t forget to include a link to this week’s challenge on the blog and any blogs/sites you mention.  And remember to always be positive, specific and complete.

I’m looking forward to reading your posts this week and hearing about the posts of student blogs you check. Have fun!

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