Going Global

This week’s challenge to go global was incredible: an incredible combination of connecting through technology, gathering information, and then communicating information and persuading action through writing.

Our classes did a tremendous job of all aspects. I’m very proud of all my students’ work and the character they display, but I thought I’d highlight a few- giving them accolades, but also furthering the spread of these brilliant organizations that are doing such important and life saving work around the world.

Colum did a nice job of working facts into his post, using a good balance of his own sentences that include quotes  from the site, One Day’s Wages, which is linked just before.  I also liked his use of a specific and real life example, followed by his personal response.  He continues on to give more specific examples for the reader to think about and ends with the link again (which is excellent) and a moving video.






Malia chose to rearrange the  suggested order of the post that we talked about in class, instead beginning with a series of provoking questions based on the facts she uncovered in her research.  The effect is a very nice “hook” and a concise, informative, and persuasive post about a very worthy organization helping dire situations.



Collin’s blog is an excellent example of putting in extra effort and personally engaging in the message.  I was inspired by the sincere and thoughtful way Collin communicated not only the dreadful situations facing millions of people around the world, but also analyzing how amazing our lives are in comparison. He wrote honestly in expressing that it is difficult for us even to try to imagine what life is like for so many others.  And he challenged his readers to break out of our comfort zones and avoid excuses and get involved, giving specific examples of things people could do. Water.org



Eli wrote well and did a nice job of including images and links with his words to make a post that communicates clearly and effectively.  I liked the way he used images and a video from the Charity: Water site to enhance his discussion of their work.  He also used links well in including a link to the direct spot on their website for doing what he suggests (pledging your birthday to help bring clean water!)






Jonathon’s blog discussed Bible translation and the impact God’s word can have, which is something I especially enjoyed reading about. Jonathon does a nice job explaining how having the truth from the Bible in their own language can keep people going even in the face of difficulty.  He also includes great quotes from a man and a Bible verse that the man found strength in.



I could go on and on explain what I like about each of our 6th grade blogs but suffice it to say that  I hope readers will visit all and be as inspired to take action as I have been.

But lastly, I want to give credit to my own sweet mom who helped me come up with the tremendous list of links to organizations and people, blogs and websites, that are dedicated to serving our neighbors around the world who are in desperate need of our generosity and genuine involvement.  My mom has dedicated her life to following God and sacrificially serving others. Her blog, called Grandma’s Letters From Africa is based on her book about her experiences in Africa. 


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